About Me

My name is Chris Timberlake, if you’re here you’ve obviously either heard of me, heard my name somewhere, or were brought here by an article or blog. Now that you’re on this page, you’re probably asking who I am. This is the part where most people give you a quip about where they came from, or that they like long walks on the beach. Im, unfortunately, much more complicated than that.

People are a sum of their experiences and hard learned lessons. My cup runneth over of both. If you take a cargo-ship of trauma, add some sprinkles of success, a bucket of failures, mix in a bowl of unconventional upbringing, then finally top with mental Illness. You get, me. If you really want to know what makes me tick, you can view my core principles here.

Throughout this site, you’re going to find two common themes. First, technical guides and documentation on how to achieve things. Second, editorials and leadership talks. The former is going to appease you, the latter is probably going to piss you off. That’s by design, I want to challenge your thinking, I want to challenge the status quo. Nothing about my life has been within the bounds of normal; and thus neither is my thinking.

Despite being pissed off or frustrated, I challenge you to think about what I’m saying deeply. It is not my intention to piss you off. It is my intention to challenge the status quo and common understanding. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe my thinking on a subject is wrong. In many cases it is; and if you believe it is, you should reach out and tell me. I genuinely want to know your thoughts.

Throughout this experiment, I only ask one thing, do not assume negative intent on my part. Here, I’m very clear about my intents and meanings. You will not find any subtleties or passive aggression here. In almost all cases, I have no negative intent and do not aim to be negative in any way. Im different, and I’m an open-book; which means people have everything they need to confirm their biases on who they believe I am as a person. They’re always wrong. But above all, no matter what, I come in peace.